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Climate Snippets - 5 September

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Agreement Reached on Greenhouse Gas in Vienna
A week long U.N. climate conference of 158 countries concluded of that industrialized countries should strive to cut emissions by 25 percent to 40 percent of their 1990 levels by 2020. The 2020 targets are not binding, but they were seen as an important signal that industrialized nations are serious about slashing the amount of carbon dioxide and other dangerous gases to try to avert the most catastrophic consequences of global warming. New Zealand was one of only a few countries initially blocking agreement but eventually agreed

Meanwhile at the Vienna meeting China has argued that its one-child policy has helped the fight against global warming by avoiding 300 million births, the equivalent of the population of the United States. China, which rejects criticism that it is doing too little to confront climate change, says that its population is now 1.3 billion against 1.6 billion if it had not imposed tough birth control measures in the late 1970s averting 1.3 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2005 (based on average world per capital emissions of 4.2 tonnes)

Kaukapakapa power station: Governments call
Rodney District Council has refused to process an application for Genesis Energy's plan to build a 240 megawatt gas-fired power station north-west of Auckland It says it is a job for the Government. The council was yesterday asked to publicly notify Genesis Energy's bid to have a special zone for a gas-fired station in the countryside midway between Helensville and Kaukapakapa.

Merkel revives emissions proposal to unite world
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said developing countries should be allowed to increase their emissions per capita while industrialised nations cut theirs, until both sides reached the same level. "Once (developing countries) reach the level of industrialised countries, the reduction begins," she said on Friday in the Japanese city of Kyoto. Merkel's suggestion received a cautious welcome on Friday from the
U.N.'s top climate change official, Yvo de Boer, who is leading this week's talks in Vienna. "It's probably the only equitable, ultimate solution," he said. "The question, though, is over what time frame could you get there and is a short time frame realistic?

For a table of global per capita emissions please visit this link

APEC Summit coming up – good for the climate or a lot of hot air?
Prime Minister Helen Clark will meet 21 world leaders this week at the annual Apec summit, where hot topics will include climate change and stalled world trade talks.
The Sydney summit has triggered Australia's biggest ever security operation, with 21 leaders descending on the city throughout the week. Helen Clark will jet across the Tasman on Friday afternoon, and she has confirmed bilateral talks with the leaders of China, Canada, Chile and Singapore.

A draft of the leaders declaration was leaked to Greenpeace and has drawn criticsm for not including binding targets. National leader John Key says Kyoto will likely be replaced

Climate change has been a focus of protests so far with Greenpeace painting on coal ship, and students take direct action on Loy Yang coal fired power station, eleven arrested>

In Brief

Meridian sells carbon credits on Trade Me
Meridian is selling parcels of carbon credits on Trade Me from its Te Apiti Wind Farm. When I last checked the 20 tonne ‘family parcel’ was selling for $75/t.

U.K Liberals announcement: Is a zero-carbon Britain possible?
This week the Liberal Democrats unveiled plans to eliminate our greenhouse-gas emissions by 2050. Leo Hickman considers the implications

Mark Lynas’ Six Degrees – Read Gareth’s book review here

Best of the net

Vandana Shiva video on the myth of emissions trading solving climate chaos and also various other issues

Coal by Freeloveforum. Possibly the best parody video on net

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